chanyeol stuffing a bunch of peppero into suho’s mouth .__.

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taehyung singing his favourite lullaby to sleeping hyungs

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171014 BTS The red bullet first concert account (Very personal) 


It is one of the the best shows I’ve ever been. It was so fun more than the usual hip hop shows i’ve ever been hahahah The concert hall was so much smaller than Olympic stadiums which sm idols performed, I could see them so close *-*

    1. It was all live 100% how do they even do that….didn’t idols usually put lipsync songs between performances in concerts??? I was even shocked they were always dancing and singing live for 2 and a half hours. AND THEY WERE VERY GOOOOD AT LIVE AND THEIR CHOREOS ARE FUCKING TOUCH
    2. The most impressive thing for me is the face of J-HOPE during the concert. He looked genuinely, truly happy not because he is always happy but because he enjoyed the moment so much. He did all of his best he couldn’t even speak out of breath and barely said “I(gasp)..can’t..(gasp)speak” sort of after a performance i dont remember.
    3. ARMY prepared a surprise event for the first encore song Road/path. We held this banner saying “Let’s walk together forever” when J-hope’s part finished. And the second impressive thing of this concert for me was Jin’s face at this time ;~; when he first saw the audience he made such a beautiful face he looked so surprised and impressed :’) I saw J-hope’s face too he was so touched for sure. this is the banner. Later, Jin said about the event:he was looking at the screen for a second and turned back to the audience and everything was white!


    4. ARMY sang along the songs very well. BTS actually prepared a song to sing with the fans (Miss right) but they didn’t even need it bc ARMY was singing along during the whole concert almost except rapping. The boys unplugged their earphones to listen to their fans singing and often handed their mic toward the audience.
    5. And Kookie looked so excited when the fans sang along or when they performed dancable(?) songs like War of hormone or If i ruled the world etc. He looked so cute. And there were lots of choreography that BTS members had to hold/gives piggyback riding or lifts to other members. I think Suga was lifted so often and I saw V and Jimin’s faces when they have to do it for Suga, they looked like they’re gna die soon lol V whispered(mouth shape) ‘heavy’ and J-hope saw it and laughed. But when Kookie did it xD He didn’t even made a face he had no facial expression he didn’t look like lifting a thing on his shoulders hes so strong.
    6. Before Look Here, they explained the one member who lost rock, scissor, paper had to do aegyo until the fans boo at him during the performance. Suga and J-hope lost and the song started and at the last part of the song they did rock, scissor paper again and Suga lost. Suga had to do all aegyo he could ever do in his life for minutes and when he wanted to stop, the members were like, the fans are not jeering at you! so he had to keep doing that.
    7. Vocal line performed Outro:Propose and It was extended version that the second verse was written by JIN!(Jimin said at the end of the concert. Jin was gna explain it by himself but he cut it.) and at V’s part around ‘I give it to you~’ He handed over his mic toward the audience and said “Ah, this part is difficult” so the fans sang instead of him and when the part was over “It’s hard, isn’t it?” he said.
    8. There was absolutely no reason why this concert was Episode 2. They just wanted to make it special lol ( They really said it has no meaning)
    9. during the talk before Blanket Kick, Jungkook was gone and the song started. There were chairs and a bed on the stage and Jungkook popped out in the blanket when the members gathered around the bed. Jungkook said later after the performance that it was so hot and hard to hide in the bed during the members talk.
    10. Supreme boi featured Cypher pt.3 as expected. I loved the scene when Suga and Supreme boi put their arms around each other’s shoulders :)
    11. Before the encore, they gave their impressions of today and after the first encore and ARMY’s surprise event, they talked how they felt today again. Because it was after the surprise event, J-hope looked almost cry and the fans went ‘awwww;~;’ but he said “I’m not gonna cry today!” whenever a member talked the fans went ‘awwww;~;’(It was annoying a bit for me bc the boys didn’t really look they are gna cry lol) At Sugas part, someone in the member or from the audiience talked about crying and Suga pretended to cry so cutely burying his face in his arm. The fans went crazy and started chanting sth until the it became V’s turn to talk. I didn’t recognize what the audience are chanting and so did V he had to put his earphones off to listen to what they are saying. it seemed sort of chanting “Cry!Cry!Cry!” to Yoongi the other members caught it like that so Suga pretended to cry again and Jimin(I think it was jimin) yelled to fans “DO YOU REALLY THINK MIN SUGA WILL CRY?” (he said ‘min suga’><) and V or someone echoed it.
    12. Idk if its bc what Jimin says usually or bc the members joke jimin is the ugliest member, ARMY often screamed ‘HANDSOME’ or ‘COOL’ at Jimin’s turn to talk xD
    13. BTS kept thanked to ARMY. They(especially Jimin and V) kept saing even though they’re not perfect and lack a lot now, they would work harder and do their best to be cooler, to be better singers for ARMY and to make ARMY be proud of them.
    14. Suga says a concert is most important thing for a singer.
    15. All the cute things V did, All the cute things Jimin said (i dont remember exactly what they did but the feelings are remained….)
    16. They are really lively and cute as always on the stage
    17. vcr was so good. And the making video was so cute I wish they upload it later on BangtanTV. and i loved they put lyrics on the screen in some songs. It helped me a lot to be into the songs especially in Road/path. They also showed predebut BTS practicing, they were so adorable ;~; only at the scene of Jin dancing and or Rapmon the audience laughed i wished BTS saw their fans laughing for some reason lol.
    18. They are fucking good-looking. They just look like in the photos and videos but How the hell bighit even gathered this 7 handsome and talented guys in one group?????? I was just admiring how good-looking they are during half of the concert. Bless them.
    19. the last thing i’ve heard from BTS is Jimin shouting “BANG PD-NIM I LOVE YOU~!!” in the cutest way lol
    20. I love the choreography director (maybe Son Seongdeuk) so much bc even songs like Rain, Tomorrow and If I ruled the world which arent gna be aired but all the choreographys of these tracks were so well-made that they can comeback with those songs! If I ruled the world choreo was so cute their lyrics were expressed into dances and V acted a girl for J-hope’s part he acted all girly it was so cute.
    21. How is BTS so good at speech. They must be so good at presentations in college lectures if they were university students…

Now I will go back to the reality okay

I live in Canada.

But thank you for posting this for all of the ARMY’s who couldn’t go see it live.

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Chorong killing me. Seriously, this girl.
Side note:It&#8217;s hard trying to pause your video&#8217;s at the perfect moment. Shmeh.

Chorong killing me. Seriously, this girl.

Side note:It’s hard trying to pause your video’s at the perfect moment. Shmeh.

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sorry im poor i cant afford to pay attention

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Reblog if your icon is a perfect person.

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pre debut exo is giving me life right now I mean


Chen looking like he fresh out of middle school with his tiny neck


Kyungsoo looking like he’s wearing lipgloss, get it kyungsoo


Sehun looking eerily like Luhan


Suho kind of looks the same little bit more anime though


Kai looks slightly uncomfortable


Baekhyun don’t even look like the same person


And finally Chanyeol, looking like he just finished recording with his emo band

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song fucking mino in epik high’s very epik born hater m/v

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